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Delivering you impeccable service is a reputation the team at Bella are proud to have. We are dedicated to providing you with a serene, relaxing and happy environment which will feel like an escape from your busy life.

The Bella Team is highly trained in perfection, meaning you will be treated like royalty whenever you visit us. Our hand-picked team of stylists are professionally trained in the best of the best hair services, offering you a full range from Foils, Balayage and Global Colours to Root Tints and Colour Corrections, then don’t forget Hair treatments, including relaxing treatments like our signature Mini Bliss Bliss Out & Mega Bliss, Hair extensions and cosmetology services. You will always be greeted with a high level of professionalism and service, combined with a friendly smile and warmth that’ll keep you coming back, again and again. Now we’d like you to meet the team at Bella the Cut & Colour Salon, who we know you are going to love.


Master Stylist / Colourist

Christelle is our Senior Stylist and one of our go-to Colour Masters alongside her exceptional cutting and styling skills. She has a passion for seeing her transformations bring joy to people like you.

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Christelle loves making you look & feel your best.

To tell you more about Christelle’s journey, she started hairdressing 13 years ago as an apprentice at Bella. Since then, she has gone on to win multiple awards and partake in numerous different creative courses to further her skills, and truly deliver the best of the best results for you.

Did you know that Glamour & Creativity really does run in Christelle’s blood? Her Grandmother & Grandfather travelled the world as entertainers in the European circus and as performers. They worked alongside famous names such as Fred Astair, Helen Reddy and Shirley Bassey! Christelle believes that she was truly born to help people, and really make a difference in your everyday life.


Master Stylist / Colourist

Emma-Anne is currently taking some time off but will be back soon!

Your hair is Emma-Anne’s passion. Her ‘get stuck in’ attitude means that she’s not afraid to give anything a go, and will care for your hair no matter what your needs are! Emma is our Senior Stylist and one of our Colour Masters, she especially likes cutting and styling long hair and mens haircuts.

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As our Senior Stylist & Colourist, Emma-Anne always strives to create perfection for your hair, and loves creating the look of your dreams, that’ll make you feel truly amazing about yourself! She achieves this by really making you feel special, and displaying impeccable listening skills.

Emma-Anne has been a member of the Bella team for over 9 years now, and throughout that time her can-do, soft & gentle nature has really shone, making her a committed and dedicated member of our team.

Her passion for helping people is so strong that she actually started volunteering as a firefighter when she was 17!

When you meet Emma-Anne, you’ll instantly notice her eagerness to learn and love for hairdressing. She can’t wait to meet you!


Master Stylist / Colourist

When you look in the mirror in the morning, you want to feel amazing, right?! This is the exact reason why Ashleigh loves hairdressing.

Currently on Maternity leave

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Ashleigh is our Senior Stylist & Colourist and has a real passion for knowledge when it comes to all things hairdressing. Her search for knowledge & experience has taken her to 3 different states and even a different country, and she’s now back home at Bella to look after you. She wants you to feel special, and believes Bella is the best place to do that.


Taking it to the next level for you, Ashleigh is obsessed with personalisation and customisation. That means she listens to every little thing you say and will turn this into your dream look… Her favourites being haircuts, fabulous blow waves and updos.


Ashleigh would love to treat you to her famously impeccable service, so what are you waiting for?


Senior Stylist / Colourist

Ebony’s spiritual nature makes her ability to connect and relate to you completely incredible.

Currently on Maternity leave

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Ebony believes she was born to be a hairdresser because making you feel good about yourself comes naturally to her.


You will love Ebony because of her desire to learn and become a master hairstylist, she’s so determined to learn every aspect of the trade, and especially has a keen interest in blow waving and styling.


Ebony knows that you live a busy lifestyle and that’s why she really welcomes you into Bella to relax and wind down.  All she wants is to make you feel good about yourself, which explains why she also studied beauty therapy. You are in great hands with Ebony!


Master Stylist / Colourist

f you are seeking the utmost care and professional expertise all whilst enjoying a good chat? Look no further than our very own Master Stylist Stacey.

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One of Stacey's defining qualities is her genuine and bubbly nature, creating an instant sense of comfort the moment you take a seat in her chair.

Stacey is passionate about creating beautiful hair and making her clients feel their very best every time they walk out of the salon, stating that "I'm passionate about helping people, and love the feeling I get when I create a look that my clients absolutely love".

Stacey enjoys walking her 3 dogs, bingeing a good TV series, and heading out to watch her kid's sporting games.

With over 18 years of hairdressing experience specialising in the areas of colouring and cutting, we are lucky to have Stacey as a part of the team at Bella.

We would love you to experience Stacey's remarkable expertise, warmth, and heartfelt care firsthand—she's eager to meet you!


SENIOR Stylist / Colourist

Amber’s creativity and dedication to her craft ensure that you will always leave the salon feeling your most confident self.
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Step into the world of hair transformation with Amber, our latest addition to the Bella team!
With over a decade of expertise in the industry, Amber's journey began in the vibrant streets of South Melbourne, leading her on a path of continuous learning and growth across continents.
Amber's dedication to her craft is matched only by her passion for creativity. Beyond the salon, she's a musical talent, drawing inspiration from icons like Sia and Eminem. But it's her love for bringing out the best in her clients that truly sets her apart.
From precision cuts to bold colours and everything in between, Amber's eye for detail and commitment to personalised service ensures that each client leaves feeling confident and beautiful.
Join us in welcoming Amber to the Bella family and discover the magic of her hairdressing skills for yourself.


Senior Emerging Stylist

Looking to meet an amazing up and coming talent with a quirky side? Lucinda is your gal.

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If you’re a creative, colourful person then you’re going to absolutely love her. Lucinda’s passion for hair stems from a love for creativity… meaning she’ll always come up with fun and innovative ways to bring our your inner beauty. With a passion for hairdressing that runs deep, Lucinda has been colouring her hair for 10 years and has had nearly every colour under the sun… rainbow being her favourite. No surprises there from our quirky queen!


You’ll feel super relaxed around Lucinda, her accepting nature meaning you can always be your utmost self. Lucinda believes that feeling good on the inside is just as important as feeling good on the outside, which is why she’ll customise your experience completely to you… whether you’re up for a lighthearted chat or just in need of some peaceful quite time. Come and meet Lucinda today!


Emerging Stylist

Let us introduce you to Piper, our up and coming Emerging Stylist who has a variety of talents (of course hair is one of them)!

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In her free time, Piper loves baking, making her own clothes, and even does her own acrylic nails. What can’t this girl do!?


A fun fact about Piper is that she has a chihuahua named Franco. She named him after her favourite footballer, Buddy Franklyn, whom she shares a birthday with. 


Piper is enthusiastic about hairdressing and loves the creativity that it brings. She enjoys collaborating with each client individually, helping them find and achieve their desired style is what Piper loves the most. 


As a new apprentice, Piper is still exploring the various aspects of hairdressing to find her favourite area. However, she is eager to learn and see where this journey takes her. 


Say hi to Piper next time you are in the salon.


Salon Assistant

If you’re looking for the most caring, professional service in the Macedon Ranges–look no further than Hannah.

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One of the things you’ll love most about Hannah is her empathetic, kind-hearted nature… you’ll always feel completely taken care of when Hannah’s around.


Hannah’s caring side really shines through in her love for animals and nature… she has a passion for marine conservation, and has even rescued a racing Greyhound! I’m sure by now you can tell what a superstar Hannah is.


You’ll instantly notice Hannah’s passion for helping people, which makes it no surprise that her favourite part about working with the Bella Team is “watching people walk into the salon not feeling their best and walking out looking confident and truly feeling cared about. I feel so lucky to be apart of a team who can do that for people.” Hannah can’t wait to meet you!


Salon Assistant

Want to meet our resident thrill-seeker with a heart of gold? Emily is your girl!

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Your Bella Salon Assistant, Emily has a passion for helping people, and seeing guests like you feel amazing is what really lights her up. Helping you feel confident and happy with your hair is the best feeling in the world for Emily!


A love for pampering others is a huge theme in Emily’s life, which shows through her passions for makeup, but also in her love for hair styling. That’s right, Emily is obsessed with all things makeup, but also enjoys camping and baking! Talk about the best of both worlds… Emily really has it all! A true Bella girl through and through.


At the end of the day, your happiness is Emily’s #1 priority and there’s nothing she loves more than making you feel like the most confident version of yourself.

Prepare to have your day brightened… Emily can’t wait to say hey!


Salon owner

It’s so nice to meet you, I’m Emma! I’m the Boss Babe around here, and Bella the Cut & Colour Salon is my heart and soul.

My passion for hairdressing came from a love for looking after people like you, and then grew into a strong desire to lead a team that I could see develop & grow. I love a challenge so anything you throw at me, I will take in my stride like a true leader! Caring for you is my one true love, and I believe it doesn’t take much to offer a small gesture that will brighten your day.

Outside of the Salon, I do take my love for a challenge to the next level, and enjoy all things exercise. Fun fact: I have trained and I have run a full marathon... and survived! My down to earth nature is reflected in my weekend hobbies… driving big machinery like rollers, excavators, bobcats & graders! A definite contrast to the luxury of Bella the Cut & Colour Salon, I consider myself like the ‘girl next door’.


Emerging Stylist

Tiarna is currently taking some time off but will be back soon!

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Introducing Tiarna. If you want your day to be made in the form of fabulous hair, then Tiarna is perfect for you!

Tiarna is our style queen, and at 1 month into her apprenticeship she’s already obsessed with dream beachy waves, blow dries, straightens or curls.

Tiarna has a real passion for the hair and beauty industry and loves everything about making you look and feel beautiful. She is even a qualified makeup artist and has worked on film and tv doing makeup and hair styling!

But did you know that Tiarna has an adventurous side? She loves mountain biking in her spare time, and I think that’s a reflection of her love for a challenge, which shows in her attitude toward makeovers and transformations! Tiarna would love to meet you.