• At Bella, we are committed to ‘Going Green’.
We believe every business has a responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint, and our aim is to gain accreditation from the Carbon Reduction Institute as a carbon neutral salon by 1 July 2011.
Although we had previously implemented many energy saving initiatives, the introduction of Easydry™ towels in 2010 represented a giant step on the road to this goal. Not only do we reduce direct energy costs and save 50,000 litres of water a year, but these towels are made from certified renewable sources, manufactured using 95% recycled water and 100% biodegradable.
We are also proud of our long-standing partnership with De Lorenzo, an Australian owned manufacturer of professional haircare products with a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment.  This commitment is also reflected in many of the excellent training programs De Lorenzo offers to salon professionals, such as their Sustainability Awareness workshop.

Going Green

At Bella, we are committed to ‘Going Green’.

We believe we have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and all changes to the running of the salon are considered through this lens. The changes we have made so far have been significant, including:

LED Lighting
Last season we took the opportunity to focus on making the salon a little greener and cleaner by changing all the light globes to LED. We replaced our incandescent globes (with a life span of 1,200 hours) to LED globes (with a lifespan of 50,000 hours). One LED globe replaces 42 incandescent globes in terms of the life span of each globe!

Like hearing the specifics of all the savings?! In green terms, this:

• Reduced our wattage use from 60 watts down to 10 watts
• Reduced our KWh of electricity used from 3000 to 500
• Reduced the cost of electricity from $300 to $50

We have also upgraded all our basin showerheads to Ecoheads to save water and energy. We are using up to 56 percent less water!
Ecoheads produce double the water pressure while also filtering to remove sediment, sand, dirt and chlorine—resulting in cleaner, softer water and a more enjoyable treatment for you! The powerful water stream, combined with a small holes shower-plate, act together as a skin massage, which makes for an amazing experience. The Ecohead is also 100 percent recyclable. We hope you enjoy the new basin experience at Bella.


We are proud of our commitment to our environment and the steps we have already taken towards gaining accreditation from the Carbon Reduction Institute as a carbon neutral salon. We are dedicated to this goal.

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