The De Lorenzo Story

Vincent de Lorenzo OAM and Anton de Lorenzo, Founders

De Lorenzo Hair & Cosmetic Research was founded in 1987 by brothers Vincent and Anton de Lorenzo, pioneers in the Australian hairdressing industry since the early 1930s. Both Vincent & Anton first started pursuing their dreams when they learnt the humble trade of men’s barbering. This soon led to a realisation that women’s hairdressing was infinitely more exciting and glamorous and offered so much more in the way of career opportunities. Both brother’s soon began to work at the prestigious Borrowman’s salon in Sydney and built a heavy A-list clientele. Eventually the brother’s natural talent for the industry and the raw ambition they possessed led them to begin competing in industry hair competitions allowing them to win many state and national hair industry titles but also allowing them to begin to travel OS to Europe and compete on an international standard. Vincent was the first industry member to take a team of handpicked hair stylists to Europe to compete in international hair competitions.

Eventually, in the 1950s, Vincent and Anton opened their own glamorous hair salon on the 7th floor in the prestigious St James Trust building in Sydney and tended to the hair of many Sydney socialite and celebrity A-list clientele. After many trips abroad Vincent and Anton became somewhat frustrated by the fact that unlike in Europe, in Australia, they still sent clients to the pharmacies to purchase haircare products – Salon only products didn’t exist yet in Australia. Vincent felt passionately that as the hair experts, they should be prescribing products to suit their client’s needs, and not giving this business to the chemists next door.

So together with a chemist friend, they began to concoct their own formulations in the basement of their parent’s home. Eventually, the products they created became so popular that salons interstate began to ask to purchase them and this is how Australia’s first professional haircare brand was born. And they called it Delva – DEL for De Lorenzo and V and A for Vincent and Anton.

This brought them untold success and soon Vincent was appearing in his own television commercials and infomercials on TV. In the late 1970’s the This is Your Life television show filmed an episode all about Vincent de Lorenzo. In the 1970’s the brothers sold Delva and looked to retire comfortably. Their sons were finishing university studies in engineering, architecture and the like, but it wasn’t long before their sons began to miss the family business and so too did Vincent and Anton.

Once again they found themselves mixing ingredients and formulas in the basement of Vincent’s home, and eventually, this time with the support of their sons, in June of 1987 De Lorenzo hair care products were launched onto the market. Their first range was called Prescriptive Solutions and it was again the first range to deliver truly tailor-made haircare solutions according to hair and scalp types. This was almost an instant success and soon after they formulated styling products and treatments.


In 2007, after Vincent de Lorenzo passed away aged 91, he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his long standing contribution to the Australian hairdressing industry. Today, credited for changing the landscape of the Australian haircare industry forever, De Lorenzo has become one of Australia’s leading professional haircare brands while still remaining 100% Australian made and owned.

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