Novacolor AcceleratorWe are excited to introduce this new product in the De Lorenzo range. Novacolor Accelerator is an organic blend of natural oils that combine with your colour mix, allowing it to penetrate deeply and accelerate the processing time. No other company promotes accelerator products with their own colour range.
Novacolor Accelerator is available for use with the majority of colours. It has been formulated especially to optimise De Lorenzo’s Novacolor range and offers multiple benefits to the professional colouring service:

  • Reduces developing time when used with low heat;
  • Maintains hair in superior condition;
  • Delivers hair dyes deep into the cortex for rich, long-lasting, colour;
  • Reduces colour fadeout from shampooing and sun exposure;
  • Enhances tonality, luminosity, coverage and intensity; and
  • Provides optimum gloss and vitality.

At your next appointment, if you would like an ‘express’ colour application, ask your stylist to use the new Accelerator technology.

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